Photo 3D

  1. Select a great digital or film picture that you've taken. Take new ones, if needed.
  2. If digital, make any corrections needed to the image in Photoshop.
  3. Using the constraints, crop your image to 8x10, 250 ppi.
  4. Next, create a 22 inch wide and 11 inch heigth canvas. Make the pixels per inch (ppi) 250.
  5. Drag and drop your image onto the canvas.
  6. If needed, rotate your image on your canvas, as follows: Image>Rotate>Layer 90 degrees.
  7. If needed, resize the image to fit on the canvas (remember to use the shift button to keep from distoring your image).
  8. Once the original image is perfect, duplicate the layer and move the new layer next to the original. Do this for each layer of your project.
  9. Print your canvas on the plotter. See Printing to Plotter.
  10. Use scissors to cut out your layers. Leave a 1/4 in margin - you will use an Exacto knife later to completely cut out your layer.
  11. Select appropriately sized pieces of foam core, and spary glue your layers onto the foam core. FOAM CORE IS EXPENSIVE! DO NOT WASTE IT!
  12. Using the Exacto knife, complete cutting out your layers. BE CAREFUL! EXACTO KNIVES ARE SHARP! DO NOT CUT TOWARD YOURSELF!
  13. If needed, use sandpaper to smoothe out the edges of your layers.
  14. Using spary glue, glue your layers together.
  15. Make a stand or frame for your project. See Mr. Yeager. Stands are typically bent plastic, while frames can be plastic or wood or anything you can think of. If you come up with your own idea, GO FOR IT!