Framing is a technique that creates the illusion of depth and draws the viewer's eye to a focal point of interest - usually this is accomplished with components of a photo surrounding the outside of the focal point of interest. Usually the top of the picture or the bottom of the picture is used to create the framing effect.

Framing examples:
The floor and the doorway draw your eye to the focal point - Daisy Doodler.

Here's an example of Connor's natural eye. In this photo, the branch is framing the church.

Here's a framing shot my wife took at DC. Like many of you, she has a natural eye and has never heard
of framing - she just knows when a picture looks good.

Another framing pic by my wife. This is Central Park in New York. I like this pic because the focal point
of the pond is obvious, but as you look around, there's more going on in the picture.

Here's a good example of framing that I took of Steven. The advantage to knowing composition techniques
is that you can identify them and shoot them as the techniques present themselves. Steven was
climbing a tree. All this pic required was me saying "Hey Steven!" He looked, and I shot.