Motion Collage

The Motion Collage is a fun assignment that will take a little time and planning. This assignment can be completed with a still digital camera or you can shoot video and import still images into Photoshop. If you decide to use a digital camera, use a "burst" shooting mode. This will allow your camera to take several picture in a second. Many point and shoot digital cameras have good video and some phones have good video. It will depend on the quality of video you capture.

No matter what device you choose, follow these steps for a good Motion Collage:
  1. Choose a subject with motion.
  2. Use a tripod or set your camera on a sturdy surface, if possible.
  3. Position your camera so that the motion of your subject travels across the frame. DO NOT position the camera so the subject comes to you or away from you. This will cause your motion layers to overlap and diminish the quality of the motion effect.
  4. Fill your frame with your subject. DO NOT shoot too far away. Remember, if you are shooting video, the image quality will not be as good as with a still camera so cropping video still images in Photoshop will result in a final project that is noticable pixelaited. FILL THE FRAME.

Turn in one motion collage on your Compositions WIX (make a new page).