Portrait Assignment:

Follow these steps to begin the Portrait Assignment:
  1. Add a page on your Wix called Portraits.
  2. Add a Slider to display your business card and portraits: Add/Galleries/Slider/Blank Slider.
  3. Add a Controller to navigate through your Slider: Add/Navigation/Controllers.
  4. "Connect" your Controller to your Slider.

The portrait assignment consists of 3 grades:

  • Business card: Imagine you are a photographer, the first thing you'll need is to get your name out. Using Photoshop, create a business card that has all of the important information on it, such as the following:

    • Name
    • Contact info (use fake info here because you will add it to your Wix for grading).
      • phone
      • web site URL
      • email
      • Business card can be horizontal or vertical and must reflect a considerable amount of work, including at least 1 picture.
  • Contact sheet: Research portrait photographers on the web, and select photos that you like. Drag and drop the photos into a Photoshop canvas (size the canvas 11"x8.5", 250ppi). Powerpoint is also really good for this assignment.

    • You will need a total of 25 images on your contact sheet.
    • Print and show Mr. Yeager. Us the contact sheet for reference as you shoot your portraits.

  • Portraits: Using students in class as models, the studio lights and your contact sheet, shoot your portrait pictures. Be sure to refer to the posing information.

    • You must turn in 5 separate poses (shoot many more, these 5 should represent your BEST work).
    • Realistically edit photos, as needed. For example:
      • Remove blemishes
      • Dodge eyes
      • Whiten teeth
      • Add a vignette
      • Add a texture
    • 2 of the 5 poses must be from our studio (using our lighting system)
    • The rest of the poses can be environmental portraits taken outside of class
    • Resize and upload your pictures to your Portraits page Slider.
      • To resize your images, crop them to 4"x6", 150ppi.
    • Another option is to make an album. This can be done on Wix. Navigate here to get a feel for several templates. http://www.thealbumcafe.com/Home.html
      • This seems like alot of time but it is not! We have large classes and each of you will need to use the studio lights. It will take about 1 period per person to accomplish, and then you'll need to load you pictures onto the WIX. Make your WIX ahead of time and then populate your WIX with your images.

Fro Knows Photo

Portrait Photography Basics

Outdoor Portraits

Here's a shot I took at Lisa's cousin's wedding. With the nice background, I chose to use depth of field. Also, there was only one pic of the little boy looking into the camera - so I shopped him into this pic. I also removed goose feathers from the grass.

For this shot I chose a shallow depth of field to focus attention on the bride and groom. This was natural light - should have used a fill flash, but I was just shooting quickly while the photographer they paid to shoot shot.

Basic Positioning Tips

  • Position body and head facing different directions.
  • Masculine pose: tilt top of head toward far shoulder.
  • Feminine pose: tilt top of head toward near shoulder.
  • Note: Women can typically pull off either of these two poses.

Hand Posing Tips

  • Don't show flat surfaces of hands, show finger edges.
  • Fingers should not be facing into the lens.
  • Bend fingers at all joints.
  • Male hands should be more closed, female should be more open.
  • Use opposing diagonals: ie head resting on arm; each pointing in opposite directions.
  • Fingers should not be intertwined.
  • Never rest a head on a fist.

Session Plan

  • Start with head shots.
  • Move to head on hands, let the model pose naturally.
  • Finish with 3/4 and full length.

Shooting Groups of People

As a rule, the image should express a tone that all in the group are unified; either touching each other physically, or visually overlapping.

Clothing Choices

  • Everyone should have the same toned clothing, either warm or cold.
  • Brightly clothed individuals should be placed in the middle.

Posing Tips

  • Make men a little taller than women.
  • Stagger head heights.
  • Pose groups one person at a time, in relation to each other.
  • Pose men to the right of the frame, women to the left.

Posing Couples

  • Front to Front Pose - fronts of both people facing, or touching the other.
  • Fronts facing forward - fronts of both people facing forward, possibly at an angle, one front to the other's back.
  • Avoid space between heads to create intimacy.
  • Use lots of negative space around couples in the frame.

Open Poses are defined as images with physical or visual space between people.

Closed Poses are defined as images where individuals overlap each other, with no visual space between them. Note: Mixing Open and Closed Poses works well for large groupys.