Side Lighting

Side lighting is as easy as it sounds. Move your light source from the front of your focal point to the side. This can be accomplished by an expensive lighting system, a lamp or even a sliding glass door or window.

Side lighting examples:

Here's a classic of Connor. Of wife took this one. Believe it or not, it was the first
time she had ever used an SLR.

Here's another classic, this time of Steven. And no, my wife did not take it; I did! I used a broken
medium format camera. Medium format cameras use larger film (120mm instead of 35mm). So,
medium format cameras are yesterday's version of today's high resolution cameras (more megapixels).
Because the negative is bigger, you do not have to enlarge it as much (with the enlarger in the
darkroom), resulting in an image of greater quality.

Here's the same pic of Steven 10 or so years later. This is digital. What I like about film is capturing "pure black", which can be difficult with digital.

Hooked on Phonics. I love this pic of Lisa and the boys. Every night after work, this is what I'd see
when I got home. I am convinced that the time we spent reading with our boys has a lot to do with
why they like to read now. This side lighting pic was a candid and the light source was a window.
I took it with an old SLR I found and fixed for school.