Week 1: Compositions, WIX Setup, Intro to Gimp and Online Photo Software

  • Review Composition Assignments
    • Just like we did in Photography, in Advanced Photography, we will have 2 photos due each week.
    • Every other week we will explore a different compostion technique.
      • NOTE: Your composition pictures must be new pictures that you have taken specifically for each category. Do not use pictures you have already taken - you will shortchange yourself if you do not experience taking pictures while looking for specific composition techniques (that's half the fun of photography!). Later in the semester, we will create a portfolio where you will be free to choose any appropriate picture you have taken.
    • Post your weekly composition assignments on your WIX website for me to grade. This will be our "Drop Box".
      • To create your WIX website, you'll need to create a WIX account. To create your account, follow this link: WIX
      • Once you have created a WIX account, create your website by following the directions contained in this link: Make a WIX webpage
        • This is a simple introduction to WIX. A uniform format also makes grading easier for me, which will put me in a good mood - you want me to be in a good mood as I grade your pictures:). Later, you will create your portfolio in Wix, where you will have free creative (and appropriate) control.
    • The first composition is due the second week of the semester.
    • I encourage you to review this website and familiarize yourself with the compositions. You will more than likely find several of these compositions every time you shoot. If you know what to look for, you will be able to shoot more than 1 composition technique each time you shoot.
    • All of your compositions are graded using the following rubric: