Animated GIF

Animated GIFs are simple and fun. The can be very useful to display your photos in a website, or just add pop to your website. Note that annimated GIFs can also be used in PowerPoint presentations and the like.
Animated GIFs can be made in Photoshop Elements and GIMP, you can choose either software.

Animated GIF example:



For the annimated GIF, complete the following steps:

  • Do the "Name in Nature" assignment.
    • Select an appropriate word, usually your last name, of at least four letters.
    • Take pictures of each letter of the word, from objects in the environment.
    • Shoot all letters vertically.
    • DO NOT pose items to make a letter.
    • DO NOT take pictures of premade letters (like my "Y").
    • Crop each letter to 4"x6" at 150ppi (be sure to rename your new files!)
    • Make your new files black and white.
    • Add a vignette, if you want to (make sure your selection area and feathering is consistent).

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