• Have fun with this assignment, it is not hard but like anything else, the more you put into it the better it will be.

Mosiac example:

Here's a mosiac I created of Steven for his 16th birthday.

To complete the mosiac, follow these steps:

  1. Select a subject picture.
  2. Select or take many, many pictures that relate to that subject (close to 100). Feel free to take creative liscence - you can tell a story with the photos you select.
  3. Place all the photos in a single folder (directory).
  4. Crop all pictures to get rid of unwanted background.
  5. Resize pictures to make them smaller (do this while you crop).
  6. Using Andrea Mosiac, create your mosiac. It should be at least 11" x 14". You can always download Andrea Mosiac at home, too. It is opensource.
  7. Be prepared to create several mosiacs before your are happy with the final product (do not procrastinate!).