Resizing your images for WIX

Elements instructions

  • Crop images to 4x6 using the "Aspect Ratio" in Elements, Set the resolution to 200 ppi.
  • "Save As" and rename your work for each composition (Rule of Thirds 1, for example) to retain your original image.
  • Upload your new, smaller image to your WIX page.

Gimp instructions

  • Open your image in Gimp.

Connor before his 8th grade awards.

  • Select the Crop Tool in the Toolbox (it looks like an Excto knife).

  • In the Toolbox, in the Crop section, check Fixed Aspect Ratio.
  • Under Size, change px (pixels) to in (inches).
  • Under Size, type in 4 then 6 for a portrait crop, or 6 and 4 for a landscape crop.
  • Gimp has cool features. One is called Highlight and it highlights your picture as you crop. You can also select what type of guides you want to help you crop with proper composition.
I used the Highlight feature and I also used the Golden Sections Guide. If you want to
add a vignette, you may want to crop your pic a bit bigger.
  • Press enter or double-click your picture to crop it.

Final result.

  • To save your cropped picture, navigate to FILE/SAVE AS.
  • Name your cropped picture and navigate to where you want to save it. I suggest saving everything to your flash drive.
  • Click on the Select File Type (By Extension) button. Gimp can save in many file types, including Photoshop (psd).
  • To save to your Wix, scroll down until you find JPEG Image and select it.

  • Another pop up box will appear. Slide the bar to 100. Then select Advanced Options.

  • Under Advanced Options, choose 1x1, 1x1, 1x1 (best quality).
  • Click Save.
  • Upload your new, smaller image to your Wix page. Your picture should not exceed 3MP.