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In the digital portion of Photography, students use a wide variety of photomanipulation software, MS Office and open source offerings such as Open Office. Students also learn web-authoring using a Flash based website designer: Wix. Our digital photography portion of the class is laden with technology. Many "open source" or free software programs are used in the curriculum. While free, this software is no joke. Many businesses and colleges have embraced the open source market, thus preparing our students for what they will see at the next level. Students can download open source software and work on projects at home, if they wish. Many of the open source software programs are specifically designed to work with their commercial counterpart. GIMP, for example, is an free open source alternative to Photoshop. In GIMP, students can open Photoshop files, work on their projects at home, and then save their project as a Photoshop file. In class, students can then open the same file in Photoshop and keep working. This ease of migration between commercial software and open source software allows our students to continue their work at home and prepares our students for their next step, whether it's college or the workforce.

Online photo editors, such as SplashUp, Sumo Paint and FotoFlexer, offer students the ability to edit their pictures without downloading software from the Internet.

We find that many students apply what they've learned within our digital curriculum to their assignments in the core disciplines.

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What Makes Up a Color?

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Download GIMP at home
Download UFRaw at home to edit your RAW images
Download Andreamosiac at home
Create a Website in Wix
Camera Sensor
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What is a RAW file?

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How to Write an Artist's Statement